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News in 2012 PIHER catalogue

As every year around this time we issue our new catalogue. Below we detail this year´s new items.


By using the photo of a gymnast we wish to stress the capacity we, as the only Spanish manufacturers, have to adapt the tool to our customers´needs regarding size, accesories, etc.We have a special department devoted to design which in one or two days will satisfy your needs. We await your request.


  • New bag to carry the multi-props, fits upto 5 of the biggest size up to 13 Kgs.
  • Universal support for laser, cameras, etc. This can be placed on walls either horizontally or vertically thanksto its three screw/hook positions on its main body. It can also hold any kind of round or square tube, door, plank, etc, up to 40 mm thick.The support base is screwed in to change quickly from one to another of the two standard thread sizes (¼ unc / 5/8 unc) used for cameras, lasers, etc. It also has an adjustable arm which has 4 possible positions to overcome any obstacles.


Our brand new advance here is the Maxipress R model. This new tool is the classic R model´s twin but with a few improvements: longer reach (R: 12,5 mm, Maxi-R: 14 mm); covered screw thread, grooved fixed jaw for tubes, greasing hole, anti-slip brake and easy grip handle. This model completes the maxi-press series which we have been developing over the last year. We have made a page which joins the models Z, Maxi-F and Maxi-R so as to show the new range and help to make the choice easier.

Edge-grips screws

SPANNFIX : Two in one grip tool made of forged aluminium. This new tool makes many holding jobs which were previously complicated very easy. It´s very light, 1,1 Kg , and can be used for work on pieces up to 6,5 cm thick.

KANTENFIX: It´s the most widely used grip tool in the world because of the speed and efficiency which work can be done using it. It has a forged aluminium main body and we have 2 models available, one for thicknesses up to 4-5 cm and another up to 8 cm.

UNIVERSAL GRIP-TOOL:This allows the joining of different pieces which would be impossible by any other way due to their length or shape. It´s built with a steel tube and allows working with a maximum width of 6 cm.


This is to give another important use for articles we are already selling and which isn´t obviously recognised as a possible use for them. The kit comprises of two double suction cups and one clamping strap combined to mount cars´windscreens.


New model of panel carrier made in aluminium which enables easy lifting and safe carrying of wooden boards as its light and ergonomically shaped.


A new lifter model with a 150 Kg higher weight resistance to the othere model we already have in our catalogue (a 200 Kg capacity). Made of aluminium with the pivotal front made of steel.

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