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New Tools in 2013 PIHER catalogue


As every other year we wish to show you our new items for 2013 trusting they will help your work.

Multiprops in more sizes

Following suggestions from several clients we have extended our range to include 2 new sizes which we call number 0 and number 4. The former goes up to 600 cm. from 400 cm. and is specially designed for cabinet makers and the like while the latter goes up to 2750 cm. from 2000 cm and is the only one available to offer a pressure of 200 kg. at a height of 3 meters. We have also made new clearer graphics to explain the load capacities.

Multiprop grip clamp accessory

This new multiprop grip accessory can also be used on any thing with a maximum thickness of 4 cm. like scaffolding, all kind of profiles, etc … This accessory permits us, once fixed to the profile, to attach any kind of objects we need to have at the ready to carry out jobs such as gluing, welding, leveling, gripping, etc … The maximum jaw opening is 22 cm. though it can vary depending on how it is positioned. There are 4 positions of the jaws so allowing work in 2 horizontal and 2 vertical directions.

New 40k and 50k model

Here we have 2 new models to meet the requirements of customers needing extra long reach. The cast iron jaws have been lengthened using steel plates and held in place with screws. The new lengths are 40 cm. for the model 40k and 50 cm. for the model 50k. On lengthening the jaws the amount of the pressure is notably reduced and if this weren’t the case the weight and price would be considerably greater. We believe the market prefers a lighter and more economical tool than a more expensive one. The pressure they exert is 2000N (200 kg.) for 40K and 1500N (150 kg.) for 50K.

Sash Clamp Sawhorse

This new article means article 30023 will disappear as the new one allows the sash clamp to be attached to our article 30031. Some clients have been asking for a stronger sawhorse for this work and we have now developed one which can stand loads of up to 500 kg. and is very stable. This model includes 4 ringed screws with which we can hold the 8 cm. bars, however it can’t be used for 10 cm. bars.

Grip pliers (GRIP ON PIHER)

We have signed a joint venture contract with the grip pliers manufacturer “Grip-on”. Speaking clearly, as we always do, we wish our customers to know this is a tool manufactured in Spain by a top well known manufacturer and distributed by us. These tools are of the highest quality, the price gives the best value on the market and their finish is second to more. This agreement has allowed us to include these articles in our 2013 catalogue offering the widest range available in the world and so be able to cover any need our customers require.

Mitre clamp

This is a tool which allows us to make complex joints very difficult to achieve with standard tools. It has two spiked pieces at either end with which we can mark the exact place to be drilled with an 8 mm. bit then use these holes to tighten the tool in place turning the nut that joins them with a spanner or thin metal bar until the required pressure is reached.

Bench pin

This piece has been designed to complete our range of G clamps. It’s made in MDF with a 1.9 cm. thickness and 18 cm. length.

Vertical hinged lifting clamp

These are for vertical lifting, carrying and turning of metal profiles and sheets. It meets the CE requirements with no problem as it is manufactured with highly resistant materials. The jaws which grip the material are of tempered steel and are equipped with a safety locking device. The Spanish company Jaguar is both the designer and manufacturer which is well known for its quality and with them we have reached an agreement for us to distribute them -we hope this will be long and prosperous us for both. This also means we can guarantee immediate delivery of spare parts as well as a complete repair service should they be required.

Professional Sawhorse 500

We have noticed our market was lacking such a product. So far we’ve been offering an imported foldaway sawhorse which was very practical, easy to carry and could stand a 150 kg. load but some clients needed something more solid though still foldaway, so we have begun manufacturing our own model 500 which can carry a load of 500 kg. available in two heights, 75 cm. and 90 cm.

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