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Richard Morley trys to break Piher Tools

Richard Mortley Piher Clamps

What better way to test sturdy tools than push them to their limits!

That’s what  Richard Mortley thought the first time he get one Piher clamp. This expert  woodcrafter is also a popular videoblogger in woodworking area and upload frequenly advices and tutorials from his woodshop in England.

We have sent him some Piher clamping tools  and asked him to test their quality and suitability for woodworking. No strings attached, honesty first.

His goals is simple:
Push the tools to their limit until they break.
Do you think he got it?

Stay tuned to Richard’s blog to see the results. Here you are he first of his posts about that tests:

Under pressure: “New” kid on the block, putting the pressure on your first choice of clamp brand.

Richard Morley Tests Piher Clamps


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