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News in 2017-18 Piher Catalogue

PUNTAL ARM3 Multiprop Piher

Every year we try to improve our tools and include new quality tools in our catalogue. These are the news this year

ARM+ and ARM+3

This is our most important new. We have designed this one for months as one accessory for our Multiprop. With this ARM+ you can control the pressure of the Multiprop just with one hand, and use the other the to support the material or for any help. You can expand the pad gradually or use the quick mode pushing the trigger; the pad will advance immediacy 18cm.

It’s specially handy for dry wall installations or any indoor renovations. You can assemble this accessory into any of our Multiprops.


Extra large Non-Slip Pad

This accessory in not new but we have improved quite much. Now it is made of aluminium so it’s lighter but sturdy. The new steel grip makes easier and faster to remove and place the standard pad of the Multiprop. The contact surface is made of no-slip EPDM rubber. The sizes are the same as always: 6cm width with three different lengths of 20, 35 and 70.

Fixed Pad kit

This is the sum of two popular accessories for the Multiprop that are used for leveling in cabinet installation works. These pads allow to fix the both pads of the Multiprop, top and bottom, to 90º therefore you can achive an accurate level. Minewhile the holes in these pads enable to use screws and nails to fix any other contact surface.

MULTICLAMP Sopore Multidispositivos- Multi devies support
Multiclamp: New accessories for the Multi-devices support

The Multiclamp was one of the greatest new form the last year. And the Multi-Device Support for cameras and lasers was the most attractive accessories. This year we have extended its versatility with new products:

MULTICLAMP-Adaptador Rapido PiherQuick Adaptor: a key item to connect the Multiclamp Multi-Device support with the device you want to assemble with (camera, laser level, etc). If you have one adaptor installed in each device it is easier to exchange them.

MULTICLAMP-Adaptador Roscas PiherThread Adaptor 3/8″ and 5/8″ : you can extend the number of devices to set up at the support. It’ made of brass to avoid damage.



Multi-Device Support with Suction Cup and with Magnet: these are variations of the original with different grip options. The suction cup has protection cap included and it reaches 25kg of horizontal suction capacity. The other one has a powerful permanent ferrite magnet.



Smartphone & Tablet Holder : made of ABS plastic and with rubber protected contact surface.

T-Track Quick Piher

This is one of the most important new tools distributed by Piher. We have collaborated in the design of this exclusive tool. It’s an evolution of the Mini Quick Piher, but this one is specially designed to use in woodworking workbench with holes or tracks. It is a very light tool and really easy to work with just one hand.


Light Weight Roller Stand

This one support till  60kg of load. We have added this lighter model to the other two Professional Roller Stands


TORNILLO de banco Movil PIHER
Portable bench vice with square runner

A portable variation of the Bench Vice with Square Runner. Obviously is lighter (3,6kg) and smaller, with a jaws width of 6,5cm.


VENTOSAS-multiusos-M6- PIHER
Multipurpose Suction Cup 1xm6

New acquisition in the Suction Cups family. Made of aluminium alloy. It has a hole for M6 screws. Also it has a protective rubber cover included. Reaches 25kg of load capacity.


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