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Piher Multiprops in an Ancient Egypt archaeological excavation

Always is surprising to know how our tools are used by the hands of the professionals who buy them. In this case it is even more interesting than ever. Imagine that you are watching a documentary about an archaeological excavations researching a dynasty of egyptian pharaohs from the actual Sudan… and you find that they are using PIHER MULTIPROPS to support metal structures to avoid rock slide from the roof of the excavation tunnel. You can see them at minute 10 and 27 of this video:

Upon further inquiry, you can find the blog of the archeologist in chief Geoff Emberlingarchaeologist at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan, where you can find more pictures about how they use our Multiprops. Also you can read how Ignacio Forcadell, spanish architect in the excavation, setup a batch of Multiprops to secure an ancient column.

El Kurru: A Royal City of Ancient Kush? - PIHER MULTIPROP

Ignacio Forcadell is also working in a spanish archeology “Djehuty Project” in the funeral monuments in the hills of  Dra Abu el-Naga, in the north of the necropolis of ancient city of Tebas, actual Luxor, in Egypt. This project is coordinated by the superior Scientific Research Council.

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