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New Piher Parallel Clamp PRL400


This is the first time PIHER designs and manufactures its own parallel clamp: PRL400. We have started with the smallest model with 8 cm of jaw depth.

This kind of clamp keeps parallelling both pressure surface of each jaw. Therefore they are especially useful at woodworking and bricolage for glueing panels, assemble drawers, frames, etc.

PRL400_Piher_Parallel_Clamp_xxStrong point: 400kg

Maximum Pressure: 4ooo N (880lb). it is not usual to find such small parallel clamp with such power.

The key is its sturdy structure:

  • a 18x7mm thick zinc-coated gauge steel bar.
  • a malleable cast iron jaws.

That’s a core made of steel and a dress of fibreglass reinforced nylon.


 PRL400_Piher_Parallel_Clamp_03The key is inside

A fibreglass reinforced nylon body covers one of our bestsellers classic clamps inside: a  MM model.

But the difference it’s not the nylon it’s the steel metal.
There are Seven Steel Axis that keep jaws parallel and the bar alignment.

Handle and other details PRL400_Piher_Parallel_Clamp_05

Another quality detail is the ergonomic beechwood handle, an important request from woodworkers. This clamp includes a classic trapezoidal threaded screw for a quick advance.

Another detail you can find in parallel clamps is the interchangeable accessories: interchangeable protection caps, workpiece platforms and table levellers.


Tilting Caps set

In the list of PRL400 accessories, we have to highlight the Tilting Caps set. You can instal this caps easily in any location of the pressure surface or you can lock them in the tip of the jaw.


With these tilting caps, you can clamps sloping and parallel surfaces. This cap has assembled an MDF contact surface. You can replace that piece by other surfaces of you own to customize the shape you make pressure with.

You can make your own surface and screwed to the tilting cap to clamp corners, curves or whatever shape.

Do it yourself!



PRL400_Piher_Parallel_Clamp_08Non-Slip Brake

As the others PIHER clamps, this parallel clamp includes the exclusive designed non-slip brake in the moving jaw.

The teeth of this brake piece have a lineal contact, not just a point, with the steel bar in all its surface. At the moment you fix the clamp, the teeth of the brake bite the bar so it can not slip. Therefore it is no need of a serrated bar.


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  1. Qué tal buenas tardes, les escribo para saludar y preguntar dónde se pueden adquirir estos productos en México en especifico en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, quedo en espera de sus comentarios

    Saludos, Alberto Piñeyro

  2. Hola buenos días, estoy interesado en adquirir este articulo: Piher 02660 – Sargento paralelo reversible 60 cm PRL 400 kg
    me podrían decir donde lo puedo comprar?
    vivo en MADRID


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