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New installation of lighting and air conditioning of photovoltaic energy.

PIHER Sostenibilidad energéticaPIHER Sostenibilidad energética

In 2018 we carried out an audit in which a series of possible improvements to be made at the level of energy efficiency and energy saving was detected.

Since then, improvements have been added in order to achieve the objectives defined in said audit. The old halide-based luminaires have been replaced with others with LED technology and lower consumption.

The old gas air conditioning system has also been replaced by a system of heat pumps with destratifiers. And a photovoltaic installation executed in two phases has been completed, with a total capture power of nearly 100 kW.

In light of the results obtained in comparison with previous energy consumption, it has improved both economically and energetically. In the first case, this result is consolidated and reinforced thanks to the forecast of obtaining various subsidies financed by the European Regional Development Fund and managed by the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER).

Photovoltaic energy contributes significantly to the improvement and conservation of the environment. At the same time, the savings in electricity consumption derived from the improvement interventions in the heating and lighting installations have also produced remarkable savings.

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