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Spanish Makers Camp 2023: the first call for the Makers of Spain

Spanish Makers Camp 2023 PIHER

On October 19, the first call for Makers in Spain was held for a conference in which to share projects, knowledge and experiences: the Spanish Makers Camp.

Different Makers and disseminators in the country have devirtualized the alliances and have shared the tools for 3 days to complete two projects in record time: the construction of a canoe with wood, and the conversion of a container into a workshop with a porch.

At PIHER we have collaborated in this event with the contribution of an extensive collection of clamps and spring pinces to help carry out the projects.

We must thank the initiative and support in this call from all the makers who participated: @metalmundo.maker , @arteotroworkshop , @masguapoquecristiano , @soyunmapachemaker , @carpinteriabricocazurro , @fabricatusueno , @bricoaprendiz , @eltallerderuso , @decor.moods , @palets_de_lujo , @recicleitor_maker , @darrytools , @lupearevaloesculturas , @chino_graff_tck , @doncel_soluciones_creativas , @salva_maker , @cefosol_tig , @martinezwoodworking , @numidia.home , @fermin_lorda , @making_huertas_stuff , @drywallrioja y @sobr_arte

We hope to see you next year.

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