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Multiprop Test in Professional Builder magazine

Multiprop Test in Professional Builder magazine

Professional Builder is the UK’s biggest magazine for the building trade. With builders’ news, tools, product tests, business, competitions and more. The new issue of this month includes a test of our Multiprop and its accessories, especially the ARM+ and the Multiclamp Multi-device support.

They are quite impressed. You can read this article in the page 86… or just right  below.

Multiprop Test in Professional Builder magazine


Roger Blsby finds a best supporting role for Piher’s Props.

These plasterboard props from Spanish company, Piher are some of the strongest, if not the strongest, you can buy. Apparently they have been tested to 300kg. This makes them good for more than just supporting plasterboard. i am not suggesting you use them instead of Acrows but they will happily hold a length of 4×2 timber against the ceiling while you fix it. so you can get your header in on a stud wall. They are also great for erecting polythene dust screens around your work area. which is a job that all builders working on extensions need to do.

What I like

The one hand tightening collar is very easy to use and it saves that business of turning the shaft itself to tighten. There is also a quick adjust release so you can extend and contract the prop with one hand. I also like the hammer finish enamel on these props, which withstands a lot of hard knocks. They feel as solid as a rock when they are in place.

There are four different lengths of prop available up to 3.4 metres, which is a very high ceiling. The only thing I couldn’t see was how to operate that trigger clamp when it is that high. Maybe I need to get my stilts out. The unique feature of these Piher Props is the interchangeable ends. The company is a world leader in clamps and sent a trigger head mechanism with the test sample, which screws into the prop end in place of the standard rubber swivel pad. The trigger is great for tightening up so you can make sure the board is hard against the ceiling before you start fixing.

Regular readers of Professional Builder will know that Piher is a company that specialises in clamps as well as props, If you look at the company’s website you will see all sorts of useful devices that work with the props. l was particularly interested in the universal clamps that allow you to fit a laser level or a camera to the prop. This allows you to mount your laser level in the middle of the room without having to set up a tripod. This is ideal for kitchen and bathroom fitters, electricians and tilers. I will be looking at that product in more detail in a future issue.


Piher Multiprop Test in Professional Builder magazine

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