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Another international recognition for Albaola project: full coverage in The National Geographic

The August edition of National Geographic included a 10-page leaflet of illustrations that traces the story of the Basque whalers and a 14-page article about Albaola Sea Factory. PIHER has been collaborating with this project sharing our clamping tools to constructe the  nao the San Juan and his International Boat Building School.

The total of 24 pages dedicated to the nao San Juan in this National Geographic Spain, Germany and USA edition is one more important step for the Albaola association. It comes as a gift to celebrate the 4 years of the opening of the Albaola Sea Factory of the Basques, where all this story comes to life, is gathered and you can visit it all year.

Click here for the awesome illustration leaflet in english: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2018/08/basque-whalers-san-juan-art-interactive/



This is another international recognition for this amazing work of recovering ancient shipyard woodworking technologies and enhancing the cultural heritage. From Piher, we doesn’t tire of admiring the work of Albaola team and recommend the visit of this wonderful museum beyond you are a woodworking lover or not.

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