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New Update 2020: Multi-Device Support

Multiclamp Multidevice support

Several new products we have included in the 2020 catalogue are improved design of tools we already manufacture. One example is the new Multi-Device Support, from the Multiclamps line. This tool has become a handy solution to handle Level Laser works, support smartphones, tablets or cameras with the safety and sturdiness of the Multiclamps and its 150hg pressure force of this special gripper.

This new model keeps the main features of the previous one: made of aluminium, holding capacity of 3kg (6,61 lbs), two ball joints and a UNC1/4 thread at the end to assemble the device of your choice. But now you have to add these new properties

  • Thread adaptator kit included.
    For 3/8″ and 5/8″ threads, Made of brass to avoid damage.
  • Quicker and Easier. Controlled with just one nut.
    With the previous model, you had to handle two nuts to set up the support
  • More Multi positions
    The new design allows more position and extreme angles.
  • Lighter
    By simplifying the design we have reduced the weight without losings sturdiness.

The main goal of this new design has been to make its use easier. Also, separating the two joints there are more possible positions. At the same time, it also involves reducing the support dimensions.

Another consequence is that we have also updated the design of the Quick Adapter that is assembled directly on the devices.


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