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Why is the Maxi Quick 300 light clamp so MAXI?

Maxi Quick 300 Piher light Clamp

Within the Quicks family of the light clamps, the Maxi Quick 300 is the big brother. Being so light, it achieves up to 300 kg of pressure and its design is patented
How can that be?

Just look inside to see the mechanical properties for which the Maxi Quick 300 is Maxi.
It is an interesting exercise to compare with other tools and know where to look when you go shopping for your next light fix for your workshop.

Double Lever

Maxi Quick 300 Piher light Clamp

By unscrewing the plastic casing we can see inside how the pressure force is exerted with 2 levers. This means that more pressure can be achieved with less effort.

Progressive Release

Maxi Quick 300 Piher light Clamp

With so much pressure you have to be careful when releasing it. That’s why the Maxi Quick 300 features a two-step progressive pressure release system. The bar remains braked by means of 2 sets of metal plates. Pressing the trigger lightly releases the first set of plates. And by pressing until the end, the pressure is completely released when the second set is released, which keeps the squeeze bar braked.

Metal contacts

Maxi Quick 300 Piher light Clamp

Just because it’s a lightweight plastic tool doesn’t necessarily mean it’s weak. The key is that the points of contact with the metal bar, those points that are under pressure, are also made of metal.

Extra support for parallel pressure


Maxi Quick 300 Piher light Clamp

Each shoe has special support so that the pressure of each jaw can be applied in parallel. It is especially useful in glueing jobs where it can be placed at 90º from the work table and the Maxi Quick 300 works as a parallel clamp.

Extra-large Pad


Maxi Quick 300 Piher light Clamp

The contact pads are non-slip and especially large: up to 8.5 centimetres deep.


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