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Quick Piher Clamps Family Completed


At last! We have completed our QUICK family of light One-hand clamps. We have included models to expand the range of measurements and powers. From the widest and most powerful: the new MAXI QUICK 300… to the smallest and lightest: the MICRO QUICK.

(pag. 50 catalogue PIHER 2020)

We have also intervened in the design of this line of clamps to create our exclusive design. We are not only talking about colours but also shapes and mechanical details for the best performance and versatility in your workshop.

Extra-large pads and extra support

One of the properties that identify our design is the size that we have given to the protective pads. Especially large to get better pressure and made of oil-free plastic, so that they do not leave any stain on the work material.


Otro detallede nuestro diseño PIHER es el espolón que hemos añadido en la mordaza superior, el mismo que tienen nuestros clásicos aprietos de acero. Este apoyo extra permite dejar los trabajos de encolado en posición vertical sin que toquen la mesa.

Another detail of PIHER design is the spur we have added to the upper jaw, the same as our classic steel clamps. This extra support allows gluing jobs to be left upright without touching the table.



The best weight-pressure ratio

The main goal of this kind of clamps is to be quick and light. But at the same time sturdy enough to maintain pressure throughout the job and to be useful longer and versatile to be used in different types of jobs.

For this, all of our QUICK clamps have these properties:

  • Nylon and fiberglass heads
  • Tempered carbon steel bar.
  • Set of steel plates for brake and advance.

The last is an important detail to know the power and robustness of a Quick clamp. It is important that these plates and their springs are steel, not plastic. And the more plates and thicker they are, the better they will pressure and keep the brake on.


Reversible with a single click

All the models in this line have the possibility of converting from pressure tools to expansion tools by changing the upper jaw. That is not new.

But being able to release that head with a single click, and replace it just as quickly, is something that not all brands cannot say. This option is in all our QUICK models except the smallest one, the Micro Quick.

PIHER_Quick_Clamps_One_hand-T-TrackQuick T-track: Esclusive tool

Nuestro T-Track Quick es una versión del Mini Quick especialmente diseñaba por PIHER para ofrecer una solución rápida a la sujección de perfiles. Ya sea para guías de sierra de disco o sierras de mesa. También es útil en mesas de trabajo con agujeros o cualquier otra sujección rápida.

A parte de su diseño, exclusivo de PIHER, su particularidad es que el segmento diseñado para introducirse en el perfil o el agujero no es una pieza cortada y soldada a la barra. Sino que es la misma pieza de la barra de acero de acero al carbono la que ha sido doblada. Esto ofrece una robustez especial a la herramienta.

Our Mini Quick T-Track is a version of the Mini Quick specially designed by PIHER to offer a quick solution to clamping profile tracks. Either for disc saw guides or table saws. It is also useful on work wok benches with holes or any other quick fastening.

Its peculiarity is that the part designed to fit into the profile or the hole is not a piece cut and welded to the bar. Rather, it is the same piece of carbon steel bar that has been bent. This offers a special sturdiness to the clamp.

Light-Pal: lighter ratchet clamp

Within this line we include the Light Pal PIHER. It is not ta One-hand clamp, but ratchet one. But it has the same essential properties of this clamps family: it is light and especially robust for quick work.

It has fibreglass just enough to give it lightness, the rest of the pieces are made of steel to give it strength:

  •  Zinc-plated steel bar
  • Double steel plates as a brake embedded in the mobile vice.
  • Steel lever shaft

 Boxes full of clamps

There are never enough clamps… and more of these types of light one-hand clamps that are a quick solution for any job. That’s why we have decided to offer batches in boxes specially designed for display in the store or use in the workshop.

You have the possibility to order a box of 16 units of the 15cm Mini Quick and a box of 16 units of the 16cm Light Pal.




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