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New TCP product line for welding table

TCP-Piston Clamp for welding table

Following many months of developing products, we now have our first line for the TCP. To start with, it’s aimed at welding although later they can also be used on wood.

Piston Screw System in TCP 19100

We have developed in a single article the majority of the options of clamping accessories already available on the market as well as producing new ones.


Main TCP features

  • The covered screw piston system and the foldaway changeable handle (nylon and fibreglass) are offered solely by us. As it is already known, our system makes the work easier offering lineal pressure keeping the clamped pieces firm, which is especially beneficial in these jobs.
  • One single tool for all diameters while our competitors have several for each diameter.
  • All the TCP components are held in place with a screw component allowing us to change any piece within the system.
  • Our support bars are kept below the table so keeping the area free for working. Both, the bars and the joining piece are made of solid carbon steel.
  • The bars are laser calibrated in centimetres so letting us adjust the reach and opening before placing it in position on the table. No one else uses this system.
  • 40º swivel pressure piece for the majority of work with these tables which make the pressure at an angle more efficient against a stop. This ensures the piece is well held against both the stops and the base. Our competitors are now beginning to introduce this same feature.
  • The arm which has the piece attached can be used independently for axis joining.
  • The piston system has a hole screwed in the centre of M6 so as to fit on different accessories. For the moment we use/offer only one but the users themselves can use it to fit on their own designed pieces.
  • All the bars have an M6 and M8 screw at the end allowing different accessories to be fitted onto the bars.
  • Maximum pressure 350 kg.

TCP Accessories

90º angle support

TCP-PISTON- Piher welding

This support attached to the TCP allows pressure to be applied at any 360º angle. To use it, each of the supports is put into a hole in the table to block any turning movements of the tool. This accessory is in the accessory kit of the TCP support, so it can also be of use as a spare.

Adapter for tubes with a bar

TCP-PISTON-accesory for tubes

This accessory allows working without the pieces touching the table leaving space for welding materials. It’s also good for aligning tubes or profiles if we place the tube on two supports which guarantees that the tube follows the line of holes on the table.

There are 3 versions for 16 mm; 22 mm and 28 mm and the length of the bar is always 4 cm.

Adapter for tubes

TCP-PISTON-accesory for tubes

This accessory can be attached to the TCP piston system and the TCP bars. It comes equipped with 2 screws: one of which fixes the piece to the support while the other allows it to turn independently of the piece it is attached to.

To begin with, the logical thing is to use the fixed screw for the bars and the other which allows it to turn in the piston. As the bars are rounded, they don’t need to be able to turn as their axis allows them to turn. Besides, using the fixed screw we avoid the empty space caused by the turning screw and which we don’t want in order to achieve maximum precision.

In the piston system the turning function is necessary to ensure the pieces to be clamped aren’t over pressured as the piston doesn’t possess such if fixed, and the piece will not be fixed in the correct position.

This accessory is useful not only for tubes but also for rectangular profiles, radius, bars and angled joints.

Bar Stop

TCP-PISTON-accessory stopper

This is the piece that allows us to have the length of the bar as we want to do the job accurately. The screw on the stop can be adjusted with a hexagonal key, and a lock-nut to block it and a plastic grooved cover for manual use.

If we use the TCP with 22mm or 28mm holes, we can use it too to leave the adapter we need in the bar and block it so it doesn’t get lost when away from the table.

Adapter caps


We already have them for 22 mm and 28 mm diameter holes for welding tables but we can easily do the same for any size.


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