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Piher: News on Clamping tools for woodworking, metalworking and construction


New Piher Parallel Clamp PRL400

This is the first time PIHER designs and manufactures its own parallel clamp: PRL400. We have started with the smallest model with 8 cm of jaw depth. This kind of clamp keeps parallelling both pressure…

New Updates in the Piher Steel Band Clamp

We keep on improving our tools guided by your suggestion. Now we have just updated our Steel Band Clamp to reach a better working and ergonomics. We have changed the old plastic handle for a…

News in 2017-18 Piher Catalogue

Every year we try to improve our tools and include new quality tools in our catalogue. These are the news this year ARM+ and ARM+3 This is our most important new. We have designed this…

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